Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tolerance for intolerance

The only thing more sickening than the Islamists' bloodthirty quest for domination and subjugation is the Western tolerance for this ideology of intolerance itself. Most of the apologists and Islamists try to justify Islam by saying Christianity also has a violent and intolerant history (never mind it was centuries ago). Today's Roman Chatholic Church is a shining example of how an organized religion could function in a civilized society. Sometimes it's as simple as some religions are peaceful and some are violent. Take Buddhism (especially, the Tibetan variant). It has a prophet who practiced and preached nonviolence and tolerance, and the followers of the religion tend to do the same, naturally. Islam, exactly opposite, has a prophet, who killed and raped and humiliated, and it's followers tend to do the same, even in societies where they're minorities and when people wonder why they do it, they cry persecution.

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