Sunday, March 26, 2006

India shamefully disinvites Danish PM because of Cartoons

Yet another act of dhimmitude by the Indian government.

The ministry of external affairs has taken the easy way out and asked Prime
Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen to put off his six-day trip which was due from
April 1, for fear of protests of the kind witnessed earlier over cartoons of the
Prophet in a Danish newspaper.

Bravo, Manmohan. Now a minority of religious fanatics gets the first say on matters of India's national interest!

Islamic intolerance in schools

How can we be surprised when this community produces suicide bombers and people who learn to fly airplanes just so they could kill as many people as possible with that knowledge, when we know that we're turning a blind eye to this vile indoctrination of hatred even in young school children?

NY Times reports on how rising anti-Semitism in French schools is making it impossible to guarantee the safety of Jewish children.

Schools are the battleground over anti-Semitism, and teachers complain that the government has done little, despite many proposals.
"The minister of education has done nothing," said Jean-Pierre Obin, an inspector general of education in France, who wrote a report in 2004 that called anti-Semitism "ubiquitous" in the 61 schools surveyed. "He prefers not to talk about it."
Mr. Obin wrote in the report of "a stupefying and cruel reality: in France, Jewish children — and they are alone in this case — can no longer be educated in just any school."
Ianis Roder, 34, a history teacher in a middle school northeast of Paris, said he was stunned by what he witnessed after Sept. 11, 2001. The next day, someone spray-painted in a stairwell of the school the image of an airplane crashing into the World Trade Center beside the words "Death to the U.S., Death to Jews."
When he told his class months later that
Hitler had killed millions of million Jews, one boy blurted out, "He would have made a good Muslim!"


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mark Steyn on the one-way trap of Islam

"We will not allow God to be humiliated. This man must die," says Abdul Raoulf of the nation's principal Muslim body, the Afghan Ulama Council. "Cut off his head! We will call on the people to pull him into pieces so there's nothing left." Needless to say, Imam Raoulf is one of Afghanistan's leading "moderate" clerics.

That's how they keep people enslaved to this medieval religion. Another compassionate face of moderate Islam, I guess.

Unfortunately, what's "precious and sacred" to Islam is its institutional contempt for others. In his book "Islam And The West," Bernard Lewis writes, "The primary duty of the Muslim as set forth not once but many times in the Quran is 'to command good and forbid evil.' It is not enough to do good and refrain from evil as a personal choice. It is incumbent upon Muslims also to command and forbid." Or as the Canadian columnist David Warren put it: "We take it for granted that it is wrong to kill someone for his religious beliefs. Whereas Islam holds it is wrong not to kill him." In that sense, those imams are right, and Karzai's attempts to finesse the issue are, sharia-wise, wrong.

I can understand why the president and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice would rather deal with this through back channels, private assurances from their Afghan counterparts, etc. But the public rhetoric is critical, too. At some point we have to face down a culture in which not only the mob in the street but the highest judges and academics talk like crazies. Abdul Rahman embodies the question at the heart of this struggle: If Islam is a religion one can only convert to, not from, then in the long run it is a threat to every free person on the planet.

Fortunately, when the British were faced with 'Sati' in India, it was before the age of political correctness. As a result women are no longer burned alive at funeral pyres in India.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Anti-Islamism = Racism?

Check out this awesome comment posted on an Islamist blog.

(1) I challenge this individual to point out anything on my Web site that is racist, i.e. takes the position that one group of people is genetically superior to another.(2) By culture, I do not mean fine or performing arts-- medieval Muslims created some very beautiful geometric designs that still influence Spanish architecture, by the way-- but rather values and principles that guide a society's behavior.(3) Euro-American culture, which upholds the natural rights of all human beings (including women, religious minorities, and gay people) to life, liberty, and property is indeed superior to Third World gutter cultures that sanction behavior like "honor killing" of women who lose their virginity (even through being raped), hanging women who kill their would-be rapists (Iran just sentenced a young woman to death for doing exactly that), beating gay people and throwing them into raw sewage because of their sexual orientation (Palestinian Authority), saying that a woman is only half a human being (Saudi Arabian "blood money" compensation rates), saying that a Hindu is only one-fifteenth of a human being (same), raising children from birth as live ammunition (Palestinians again), beating Tom Fox with electrical cables before shooting him in the head (Iraqi Islamofascists)... need I go on?If you're going to stand there and argue seriously that those cultures are somehow equal to that of the United States (or Britain, France, India, Poland, Israel, or even less-than-democratic Russia's), I've got three words: BRING IT ON. As an example I, as an ethnocentrist Euro-American supremacist, would call a man who slaps his wife around a criminal but your "multiculturally equal" Sharia law says it's fine and dandy for a man to discipline his wife with the back of his hand or even his fist, as long as he doesn't break any bones. Having said this, the above examples represent Islamofascist BEHAVIORAL CHOICES and not "race." "Islamofascists: homo sapiens by BIRTH, subhuman by CHOICE" pretty much sums it up and also leaves open the option for them to change their behavior and rejoin the human race. Note that racists (Nazis, Ku Klux Klan) do not offer the objects of their hatred the option of changing their skins or ancestry; the most loyal German Jew was an Untermensch to the Nazis and a Black man in a short haircut, shirt, and tie is still a n*gger to the Ku Klux Klan.Rachel Corrie, a female and an infidel, was at most one-quarter of a human being (again going by Saudi "blood money" compensation rates) to the Islamofascists. The same goes for Huwaida Arraf. And, while we are on the subject, Christians (including Nadeem Muaddi) are nothing but dirty kafirs as far as Islamofascists are concerned, although the Islamofascists at least offer the option of submitting to the will of Allah.Nadeem Muaddi is definitely on the wrong side and, if Fadi Kiblawi is a Christian Arab, the same goes for him. The best they will ever be to the Islamofascists are kafirs who know their places but kafirs just the same. There is plenty of room for them on our side and we have a couple of White Hats that just might fit them.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

religions of peace?

What most Muslims and apologists try to point out to 'reason' that Islam is a peaceful religion, is by saying Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (only accpetable religions according to Islam) are religions of Peace, to evoke empathy among Christians. Anyone who has studied these religions know that none of these are peaceful religions. However, Judaism and Christianity have become very peaceful religions because of the reforms that took place in these religions. But Islam, on the other hand, has in-built defenses against reform (death and persecution of any attempted reformers is a pretty good deterrant) so will never be reformed from within, especially under the present world climate. The sad state of affairs is that, it is considered politically incorrect or even risks being branded hate speech to say a religion is a violent religion, even when it actually is. The moderates don't have any say in this religion. Islam wll always be dominated by fanatics, as it is today by the likes of Osama, unless it is majorly reformed.

Friday, March 10, 2006

moderate muslims?

While I understand there are Muslims who won't kill for their religion, I'm sure they're a minority. And these Muslims definitely will get persecuted, as they have always been, by the radicals. The West with it's Judeo-Christian roots just can't seem to get the plain fact that Islam is much different from Judaism and Christianity in the Violence it practices and preaches. Under the pretext of freedom of religion, Muslims are still allowed to preach hatred. I just saw this blog today, and I love it.

I think we should start organizations to educate people about Islam. Everyone who gets drawn to the religion of madness has a right know the truth about it. Somebody should have the courage to start educating people about Islam in a non-biased way. At present, anything which does not speak of Islam in a super-reverent way is considered an attack on this "religion of peace" by the PC media and public. If only.. I will do anything to make this happen, if only people could be educated the truth about Islam and then this monstrosity will cease to be the danger that it has become today.
Tolerance for intolerance is a self-destructing virtue

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tolerance for intolerance

The only thing more sickening than the Islamists' bloodthirty quest for domination and subjugation is the Western tolerance for this ideology of intolerance itself. Most of the apologists and Islamists try to justify Islam by saying Christianity also has a violent and intolerant history (never mind it was centuries ago). Today's Roman Chatholic Church is a shining example of how an organized religion could function in a civilized society. Sometimes it's as simple as some religions are peaceful and some are violent. Take Buddhism (especially, the Tibetan variant). It has a prophet who practiced and preached nonviolence and tolerance, and the followers of the religion tend to do the same, naturally. Islam, exactly opposite, has a prophet, who killed and raped and humiliated, and it's followers tend to do the same, even in societies where they're minorities and when people wonder why they do it, they cry persecution.