Thursday, March 16, 2006

Anti-Islamism = Racism?

Check out this awesome comment posted on an Islamist blog.

(1) I challenge this individual to point out anything on my Web site that is racist, i.e. takes the position that one group of people is genetically superior to another.(2) By culture, I do not mean fine or performing arts-- medieval Muslims created some very beautiful geometric designs that still influence Spanish architecture, by the way-- but rather values and principles that guide a society's behavior.(3) Euro-American culture, which upholds the natural rights of all human beings (including women, religious minorities, and gay people) to life, liberty, and property is indeed superior to Third World gutter cultures that sanction behavior like "honor killing" of women who lose their virginity (even through being raped), hanging women who kill their would-be rapists (Iran just sentenced a young woman to death for doing exactly that), beating gay people and throwing them into raw sewage because of their sexual orientation (Palestinian Authority), saying that a woman is only half a human being (Saudi Arabian "blood money" compensation rates), saying that a Hindu is only one-fifteenth of a human being (same), raising children from birth as live ammunition (Palestinians again), beating Tom Fox with electrical cables before shooting him in the head (Iraqi Islamofascists)... need I go on?If you're going to stand there and argue seriously that those cultures are somehow equal to that of the United States (or Britain, France, India, Poland, Israel, or even less-than-democratic Russia's), I've got three words: BRING IT ON. As an example I, as an ethnocentrist Euro-American supremacist, would call a man who slaps his wife around a criminal but your "multiculturally equal" Sharia law says it's fine and dandy for a man to discipline his wife with the back of his hand or even his fist, as long as he doesn't break any bones. Having said this, the above examples represent Islamofascist BEHAVIORAL CHOICES and not "race." "Islamofascists: homo sapiens by BIRTH, subhuman by CHOICE" pretty much sums it up and also leaves open the option for them to change their behavior and rejoin the human race. Note that racists (Nazis, Ku Klux Klan) do not offer the objects of their hatred the option of changing their skins or ancestry; the most loyal German Jew was an Untermensch to the Nazis and a Black man in a short haircut, shirt, and tie is still a n*gger to the Ku Klux Klan.Rachel Corrie, a female and an infidel, was at most one-quarter of a human being (again going by Saudi "blood money" compensation rates) to the Islamofascists. The same goes for Huwaida Arraf. And, while we are on the subject, Christians (including Nadeem Muaddi) are nothing but dirty kafirs as far as Islamofascists are concerned, although the Islamofascists at least offer the option of submitting to the will of Allah.Nadeem Muaddi is definitely on the wrong side and, if Fadi Kiblawi is a Christian Arab, the same goes for him. The best they will ever be to the Islamofascists are kafirs who know their places but kafirs just the same. There is plenty of room for them on our side and we have a couple of White Hats that just might fit them.

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