Sunday, March 26, 2006

Islamic intolerance in schools

How can we be surprised when this community produces suicide bombers and people who learn to fly airplanes just so they could kill as many people as possible with that knowledge, when we know that we're turning a blind eye to this vile indoctrination of hatred even in young school children?

NY Times reports on how rising anti-Semitism in French schools is making it impossible to guarantee the safety of Jewish children.

Schools are the battleground over anti-Semitism, and teachers complain that the government has done little, despite many proposals.
"The minister of education has done nothing," said Jean-Pierre Obin, an inspector general of education in France, who wrote a report in 2004 that called anti-Semitism "ubiquitous" in the 61 schools surveyed. "He prefers not to talk about it."
Mr. Obin wrote in the report of "a stupefying and cruel reality: in France, Jewish children — and they are alone in this case — can no longer be educated in just any school."
Ianis Roder, 34, a history teacher in a middle school northeast of Paris, said he was stunned by what he witnessed after Sept. 11, 2001. The next day, someone spray-painted in a stairwell of the school the image of an airplane crashing into the World Trade Center beside the words "Death to the U.S., Death to Jews."
When he told his class months later that
Hitler had killed millions of million Jews, one boy blurted out, "He would have made a good Muslim!"


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