Tuesday, March 14, 2006

religions of peace?

What most Muslims and apologists try to point out to 'reason' that Islam is a peaceful religion, is by saying Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (only accpetable religions according to Islam) are religions of Peace, to evoke empathy among Christians. Anyone who has studied these religions know that none of these are peaceful religions. However, Judaism and Christianity have become very peaceful religions because of the reforms that took place in these religions. But Islam, on the other hand, has in-built defenses against reform (death and persecution of any attempted reformers is a pretty good deterrant) so will never be reformed from within, especially under the present world climate. The sad state of affairs is that, it is considered politically incorrect or even risks being branded hate speech to say a religion is a violent religion, even when it actually is. The moderates don't have any say in this religion. Islam wll always be dominated by fanatics, as it is today by the likes of Osama, unless it is majorly reformed.

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The Muslim Thinker said...

You may want to correct your biased facts! Huh! see my blog!