Friday, May 12, 2006

Aaron standing up to Jihadists...

Aarons.CC was down for so long this time after being hacked by
the Saudi Mo-hacker, that I felt I have to put this up on my blog, even though i've tried not to put offensive stuff up here. Here you go, Aaron, and thanks for acknowledging that we don't have the luxury of being overcome by fear.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Kashmir - (Mujahideen's) Paradise on Earth

The place that was once called the Paradise on earth, is now a paradise for militants and Pakistani-sponsored Islamic Mujahideen fighters. What's most pathetic is the fact that we've gotten so used to innocent civilians getting massacred in Kashmir that it doesn't even shock us anymore. So I don't think even this will, in any way, make the Indian government understand that it has to change its policy of appeasement of Pakistan and need to do more to protect its citizens in Kashmir.

Chronology of major Mujahideen massacres in Kashmir
from DNAIndia

May 1: Militants gun down 22 Hindus in remote villages of Panjdobi and Thava in Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir.

April 5: Seven persons killed in Pahalgam area of Anantnag district.

Mar 4: 24 Kashmiri pundits killed by militants in Nadimarg village near Shopian in Pulwama district.

Nov 24: 14 persons killed and 53 injured when militants attacked the historic Raghunath temple in Jammu.
Aug 29: Ten Hindus killed in Rajouri and Doda districts of Jammu and Kashmir.
Aug 6: Nine Amarnath pilgrims killed and 32 wounded when militants attacked a base camp at Nunwan near Pahalgam.
July 13: 28 Hindus gunned down in Qasim Nagar area of Jammu and Kashmir.
May 14: 33 persons, including women and children, were killed when militants opened indiscriminate fire on a bus and stormed an army camp on the Jammu-Pathankote highway.
Feb 17: Eight Hindus gunned down in Rajouri district.
Jan 7: 17 Hindus killed in Ramsoo area of Jammu district.

Aug 4: 15 Hindus gunned down in Shrotidar village in Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir.
July 22: 15 Hindus killed in Cheergi and Tagood villages in Doda district of Jammu.
July 21: 13 people, including seven Amarnath pilgrims, killed at Sheshnag in Anantnag.
Mar 17: Eight people massacred near Atholi in Doda district.
Feb 11: 15 members of nomad (Gujjar) families massacred in Kot-Chadwal in Rajouri district.
Feb 3: Six Sikhs gunned down in Mahjoornagar in Srinagar

Aug 2: 11 Hindus killed in Doda district of Jammu.
Aug 2: Seven members of a family killed in Kupwara district of north Kashmir.
Aug 1: 27 labourers gunned down in Qazigund and Achabal i Anantnag district.
Aug 1: 31 people, including Amarnath yatris, killed in Pahalgam in Anantnag.
Mar 20: 35 Sikhs killed in Chattisinghpura village near Jammu.
Feb 28: Five Hindu drivers killed near Qazigund in Anantnag district.