Saturday, January 21, 2006

Clash of civilizations

Are we witnessing a clash of civilizations? Aren't all the political developments in today's world gradually building up to an inevitable clash of civilizations?
Most Western liberals would promptly answer no, I figure, most probably, trying to avoid naming the victor or taking sides in this showdown. However, a lot of people in the Islamic world, I suppose, would answer yes, since they're not afraid to take sides.

As much as I try to approach this without prejudices, I can't help seeing it, basically, as a simple, natural clash between the Western secular tolerance and conservative Islamic intolerance, which is further aggravated by the Israel-Palestine situation in the Middle East and Western world's dependance on the oil resources of the region.
But, even if it weren't for these factors, in this age where boundaries and walls that separate people are becoming thinner and inexistent, this clash would have become evident at some point in the course of globalization.

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